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Math Calculator

Perform mathematics calculations online: arrays, matrix, integrals, trigonometry functions, linear equations, differential equations, financial functions, polynomials, function solver, math equation solver, variables, products, inequalities, approximations, root-finding for algebraic functions, integrate functions numerically, find local extrema, analysis of a function and more. It can solve various mathematical problems in areas of calculus, algebra, discrete mathematics, numerical algorithms, applied mathematics and engineering mathematics.

Use of variables, definitions, pi, exponential functions, products, symbols, sets, logic is allowed and possible. Statistical and finance functions are possible.

Read tutorial to learn how to use. Powered by Octave.
Input your mathematic formulas in Octave format here :

This free math software program could help you solving broad ranges of math computing and math computation problems, from basic (elementary) to even very powerful college math problems. Study and make solutions to your math exercises. Figure, puzzle out, answer or resolve your everyday or advanced math problems. Work out your homework worksheets. Check your theorems and theory concepts.

This complimentary computer program can be used in science: in research but also in study (both university and in different school grades, but it isn't the best for dummies).