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English Language Tools

Online software tools for English language learners, teachers, journalists, writers, students. This software could be used in teaching, learning, linguistics research and more! Train your English language skills. ESL and EFL tools.
Readability Test and Improve - Calculates and prints various readability tests. Finds sentences which you should consider revising to improve text's readability.
Learn English Text - Provides tooltips with synonyms and dictionary links for difficult words.
Vocabulary Builder - Generate vocabulary lists for any English language text.
New Words English Dictionary - Create custom vocabularies and dictionaries (for teachers and students).
Dictionary - Explains to you meaning of the words. Learn English words. Reference and lexicon.
In Simple English - Allows you to find words in English text which are not considered simple or basic or they aren't in the word list you choose. Useful when one should write simple English texts.
Filtered Word Frequencies - Allows you to find uncommon words in any English text or web page.