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Mathematical Tools and Information

Mathematical Calculation (Octave) - Powerful free on-line software tool for performing various mathematical calculations. It supports polynomials, matrices, integrals, derivates, differential equations and more.
Tutorial for Mathematical Calculations - Learn how to type operators, variables, matrices, arrays and functions in the online tool above...

Simple financial mathematics calculators :

Prime Factorization Calculator - Finds prime factors of a given number
Compound Interest Calculator - Compound interest means that each time interest is paid, it is added to or compounded into the principal and thereafter also earns interest
Financial Lease Calculator - Calculation for your car leasing and other leasing types
Loan Calculator - Calculate your mortgage or other loan types or any other interest amortization
Present Value of Future Money - Find out how much your money will be worth in the future
Retirement Planning Calculator - Helps you choose your retirements savings