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English language
Free English language Tools
Document readability
Helps you write Simple English or Basic English
New Words English Dictionary
Learn English Text
Filtered word frequencies
Vocabulary builder

Text tools
Online text analysis tool
Online Sort
Online Grep
Free online text tools
Helps understand foreign language text
Finds most frequent words of web site content
Produces misspelled text

Webmaster and SEO
Webmaster and SEO tools
Keywords suggestion
Finds English keywords

Measurements conversion - different measurements units
Length measures converter
Spread rate (mass) measurement unit converter
Spread rate (volume) measurement unit converter
Mass measurement unit converter
Power measurement unit converter
Volume measurement unit converter
Area measures converter
Line density measurement units converter
Pressure measurement unit converter
Energy measurement unit converter
Torque measurement unit converter
Volumetric density units converter
Force measurement units converter

Mathematic related tools and information
Math calculations
Small tutorial on math calculation
Compound Interest Calculator
Lease Calculator
Loan Calculator
Present Value of Future Money
Retirement Planning Calculator

Various on-line utilities
Convert images to another format